"Finally An Answer to Why There's no Sarcoidosis in China"

This Book Will Do For Sarcoidosis
What Omega 3 Did For Heart Disease.



Mr. Abe Hsieh

"For a long time it's a known fact that almost nobody gets heart disease in China. After years of research, scientists found their answers to why this happens in Omega 3.


It is also a known fact that almost nobody gets sarcoidosis in China. This book finally discloses what are the healing agents that can do the same for sarcoidosis that Omega 3 is doing for heart disease."


-excerpt from an interview of Mr. Abe Hsieh for the Alternative Medical Journal in November 2009.



Message from Mr. Abe Hsieh (translated by Paula Downing):


Respected reader,


My name is Abe Hsieh. The hair on my head was still black when I first started working on sarcoidosis and helping people beat this horrible disease. Since that time, I am proud to have helped 1000s heal sarcoidosis, regain their health completely and continue with their lives like sarcoidosis never happened.


I have been a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for 37 years and I am working exclusively with sarcoidosis for over 25 years now. In this time, I strongly believe that I have found precise reasons why Chinese people almost
never get sarcoidosis
(it is over 1,200% less frequent according to my data).



After almost 3 decades of research, I know exactly why Chinese people don't get sarcoidosis and I am using that knowledge to heal my patients in the USA.
It works practically every time.


The fact that you have reached this page means that it is very likely that you or somebody you care for is suffering from this potentially deadly disease.


Allow me to ask you a couple of questions...



Are you sick and tired of sarcoidosis controlling and defining every aspect of your life?

Are you loosing hope that you will ever get permanently better?

Are you frustrated with how little your doctor seem to know about the causes of your sarcoidosis?

Are you ashamed to be seen on the street because of your rash or you are afraid that at any time a rash may appear and disfigure your face?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about living a normal life once again?



If you can recognize yourself in any of the questions above, then getting to this page will change your life. I guarantee that !


Please don't leave this page because I offer my honor as a guarantee that what you do right now will make the difference between you being healthy within a couple of months or suffering terrible symptoms that turn you into a zoombie that is just waiting for death.


Sarcoidosis is not a mystery any more and I will teach you exactly where is the source of your disease and what you can do to shift these chemical culprits in your favor.


I could go on and on about my methods and how successful they are proven to be in official studies, but instead, I'm going to show you what past few clients who had sarcoidosis and beat it had to say:




"The first thing I felt after reading your ebook is anger with my past doctors.


I got your ebook last year after a recommendation from a friend who listened to a TV show that mentioned the ebook and the commotion it caused in the medical community.

Today, I am so grateful for that day because today I am a completely changed person. My sarcoidosis is in total remission, my rash is gone and I am this new vibrant and positive person. It's enough to say that before that I was frustrated with loosing the battle with sarcoidosis for over 12 years."


Janine Miles, Dallas, Texas




"I was starting to give up all hope as my lungs were so obstructed I could not breathe normally half of the time and felt like a living corpse.


My doctors kept telling me that the only way to deal with sarcoidosis is to address symptoms as they come. That meant that I would struggle with this thing for as long as I am alive. The worst thing was that I was such a burden for my family.

Your book completely changed my life. I got it last year and I swear that I could feel the change within a week. It was amazing to find out that I was making myself worse with so many things that I did every day. I thank you for all the hard work that you put into this."


Ingrid Jameson, Tucson, Arizona




"At the age of 29 I was visiting my doctor at least once a week. I am afraid to think about what would be of me by now if I haven't used your methods to regain my health.


I had sarcoidosis in my lungs and my spine. The spine involvement was so severe that I had problems moving and I would have to take huge doses of Prednisone to resolve it. All the Prednisone caused my hair to fall of at one point. I was a wreck.

My first reaction to what I read in your ebook is shock. Shock that the solutions were so simple and that the truth was kept from me for so long. Today, I am in 8 months long complete remission from any symptoms."


Gevin Olafsson, Oslo, Norway




"The fact that I had sever sarcoidosis interfered with all my plans to have a family for so long.


Everybody told me that sarcoidosis should not interfere with my pregnancy and delivery. Evidently, none of them have experienced what sarcoidosis flare can do to a person. At times it got so bad that I would just lie down for days, fatigued and in rash usually around my lips and on my cheeks.

I found your book to be precise and to the point and I used it with ease. I planned my healing and the changes I needed to make and I really loved the feeling of being in control once again.The ealing process was slow but constant, I was getting better every week and just knew I was on the right track. I am a happy mother of a devoted wife leading a meaningful life. I feel like I owe you so much...."


Amy Dilenie, Canberra, Canada






"This book is a must have for anybody suffering from sarcoidosis"


After reading your ebook last month and re-reading it again a couple of days ago I can say that it is a simple must-have for anybody suffering from sarcoidosis.

I am not following your program completely, because my sarcoidosis is in remission, but I am using the precious information to avoid sarcoidosis getting back and flaring up again. Some shocking information in there.


If I wasn't aware of this, I would be exposed to these things that make me sick every day, both in my house and in my workplace..."


Abrielle Dobbs, Honolulu, Hawaii




But how exactly does this work?


Let me try and explain exactly what I did to write and publish this ebook.


The main idea behind it all is finding the reason why so few people have sarcoidosis in China and then utilizing that knowledge to fight and beat sarcoidosis in people that are already suffering.


I started collecting my records and data back in 1996 and trying to figure out what are the causative agents of sarcoidosis. As the title of the website says, I was trying to discover the "Chinese Secrets to Sarcoidosis Healing".


Here, I will share some of the secrets I am talking about, just to give you a little pre-taste of what this book will reveal to you...



- Secret 1 -


Looking for things that Chinese eat much more then the people from the Western world and then digging deeper into this food sources as possible healing agents. Since I started working in Dallas for 6 months a year (I spent 6 months with my family in China) I would divide my patients in groups and recommended different food options and recorded the results.


Very fast (within a couple of years) it was obvious that a single substance made all the difference. There were a couple of food types that helped with the general wellbeing, but only one substance was directly healing sarcoidosis.


This substance acts so fast and efficient that it can only described as miraculous.


But it is very unstable and hard to use right and it's amazing healing effects can easily be neutralized by other foods and wrong usage.


I am talking about Alpha Lipoic Acid.



I have tested and re-tested it and it is the single strongest healing agent for sarcoidosis. It also took me a while to come up with a way to use it right from supplementation through trial and error but today I am confident about the exact way to use it to bring health to sarcoidosis sufferers.


You will feel an extreme change within days. I Guarantee !


And the amazing thing is - it works every time.


In the ebooks I explain exactly what it does and how it attacks sarcoidosis, how to choose the proper, the only way to use it right and it correlates to other findings.


It is all very simple, clear, precise and ready to use the same day.


This acid is also known as a very good antioxidant, but it is not what is important to the sarcoidosis sufferers. It is another chemical action that works on one aspect of the immune system that had it's wires crossed in people with sarcoidosis.


It has an modulatory effect on malfunctioning cytokines and chemokines in sarcoidosis.


Most of my clients ask, "How come none of my previous doctors knew about this?"


The truth is that ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) is not news to the scientific world of the Western world. When I started using Alpha Lipoic Acid to resolve sarcoidosis I researched about doctors and scientists from the West who worked with ALA and I found out about Dr Burt Berkson, who has an amazing life story and has worked with ALA for a very long time. He has a history of treating cases of autoimmune diseases and liver problems that other doctors found hopeless and basically saving the lives of these people. But his work was controversial and disputed by large pharmaceutical lobbies. The only conclusion that one can reach is...finding definitive solution for sarcoidosis would cost the pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars. But...


Here, I responsibly claim that ALA is the potential solution for sarcoidosis and I am 100 % certain time will prove this.



- Secret 2 -


I looked into the lifestyle in China and in the West. I looked at the possible diferences that could be relevant contributing factor for sarcoidosis.


And here, I am not talking about general facts like "they eat healthy" or "they drink tea". No, I have finally pinpointed a very precise causative agent. A substance that lurks from the shelves of the Western supermarkets.


Here, I actually was really lucky. I was lucky because...


I decided to look into the patterns of distribution of sarcoidosis in Chinese living areas and I found a rule.


A rule that lead me to the usage of a particular substance also widely used in the Western countries - polyhalogenated aromatic hydrocarbons or PHAHs, especially dioxins.


While I worked in Dallas, I kept a record of the severity of cases of sarcoidosis as related to the usage of products containing PHAHs. I found the same pattern - more usage of products containing PHAHs, more severe the case.


I conducted thorough research on the subject and I am confident that these chemicals are the culprits.


Allow me to prove this to you...


An official study conducted in 1993 looked into the action of PHAHs in the human body. It was an extensive study and it lasted over a decade and the conclusion was definitive - "PHAHs caused an autoimmune reaction within the cells of the monkeys".


And here is the scary part:


People in the West are exposed to up to 2,000 % higher concentration of PHAHs than the monkeys in the mentioned study of 1993.


That is definitive proof that my findings were correct.


Excluding PHAHs from your life is a simple enough task, you just need some proper shopping advice. But, cleansing your body and amending the damage that these terrible chemicals made is another story.


Again, all the WHYs and the HOWs can found in the ebook.


It all comes down to a list on 9 rules to follow.




- Secret 3 -


The best known aspect of the Traditional Chinese Medicine are the herbs we use.


When I started working with sarcoidosis, I had a list of over 30 herbs that might be helpful for sarcoidosis. Through years of trial and error I designed a precise herbal protocol that I am using to date. The herbal protocol uses 4 herbs.


Each herb has a very precise role.


Herb 1 is the most amazing herb there is for people with sarcoidosis. Period.


I have worked for so long on this and I am often still amazed at the potency of this herb. What is the secret of this herb?


To answer that let us look at what we need for the immune system of a sarcoidosis sufferer. To date I am amazed at how many half-trained practitioners recommend herbs like Echinacea for sarcoidosis directly destroying the health of people that take their advice.


Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease, but most people generalize by saying that sarcoidosis happens when the immune system is overactive.


This is a dangerous generalization.


Here's why - sarcoidosis actually happens when a particular aspect of the immune system gets it's wires crossed. If you would try to suppress the immune system altogether it leaves you vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. That is why I don't ever (ever) use immuno-suppressing herbs that suppress the whole immune system.


On the other hand, some herbs (like Echinacea) that are used for sarcoidosis actually boost the immune system and aggravate sarcoidosis?


So, where's the solution?


What we need to do in sarcoidosis is suppress the part of the immune system that is causing sarcoidosis and not interfere with other aspects of the immune system. There is only one herb on this planet that can do that. I reveal it all in my book.


Herb 2 is there to invigorate the adrenal glands that get lazy and lead you into
a recurrent flares as you lower the dosage of Prednisone. It is there to prevent the flares as your body heals. It does so by increasing the circulation of Adrenocorticotropic hormone in the pituitary gland. I am certain that the role of the adrenal and pituitary gland is the most widely overlooked aspect of sarcoidosis in the Western doctors.


Herb 3 reduces the rate at which the white blood cells absorb the amino acid
thymidine. This almost eliminates the fatty acids known as the eicosanoids. These fatty acids are what feeds inflammation. No eicosanoids, no inflammation. This will bring you relief from pain within days.


Herb 4 is there to resolve any possible skin involvement and to prevent possible
appearance of rash on the face while the healing process lasts.


I just wanted to show you what I am talking about but...


These are just a couple out of total of 15 secrets that make up my healing plan described in the ebook.



I promise this - this will be the genuine solution that will allow you to beat sarcoidosis and then forget you had it.


Almost everybody who has ever used the system reported back similar things. That is why I am so sure this system will allow you to:




Reclaim your life from the deadly grip of this terrible disease


Invigorate your body and destroy that overwhelming fatigue that is controlling your life


Clear your skin from rashes and spots using the potency of a Chinese herb


Stop the wheezing and breath free once again as the granulomas in your lungs dissolve under aggressive action of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chinese herbal remedy


Normalize your sleep patterns and get that refreshing night sleep you need


Resolve depression as you gain back control of your life. Many people report back that they feel even better than before sarcoidosis because of a new-found appreciation of life.


Get rid of the night sweats and hot flashes forever


Resolve other symptoms depending on your particular case (kidney, heart, spine, eyes involvement etc.)



Without much a due, allow me to present the fruit of my life's work:



"27 Years of Intense Work On Sarcoidosis Boiled Into One eBook"


For over 2 decades now I have been travelling back and forth from Beijing to Dallas. I know everything there is to know about the options that are offered to the sarcoidosis patients and I will be bold here and say that this is a completely unique proven a and tested method to get your sarcoidosis to permanent remission.


The most important aspects of the program describes in the ebook are:




It is research based and scientifically proven.
The explanations are simple , adjusted to the Western view, specific and precise.


It will allow you to discover and put a stop to the
habits, diet and lifestyle choices that are keeping
you sick and making your healing a mission impossible.



It reveals all the culprits that I identified to be the
reason why people in China don't get sarcoidosis.

My practices proved that once these aggravating agents are removed from your life, self-healing aided with herbs and remedies becomes simply inevitable.


It reveals the remedies made from the herbal healing
and supplements that boost the self-healing and speed up the recovery.


It will save you thousands of dollars
in drugs, doctor appointments and expensive surgeries.


It will be tha thing you have been looking for that
will give you your life back. I am positive.




"After years of struggle I finally feel that something inside is changing for the better.


For most of my life, sarcoidosis was destroying me. I felt the first symptoms at the age of 39 and for almost 20 years it was on and off of being short in breath, sick in the stomach and always feeling this excruciating need for rest.


When I look back now I am just sad that I wasted the best years of my life feeling sick all the time and letting a disease control me. But what could I do when all my doctors could offer is steroids that made me feel better for a while but before I know it I would get sick again. I bought your book last 4 months ago and I am writing to tell you that I honestly feeling much better. I am not in remission yet, but I pray to God that I finally found my cure. God bless you..."


Ted Riley Thompson, Fresno, California





"If there wasn't for you I believe that I would still be suffering."


From my age of 29 I was just a patient and it seemed that that's all I do. I was just thinking about doctor's appointments, making phone calls, immunologists, nephrologists for my kidney, pulmonologists for my lungs, dermatologists for my facial rash. And I was still sick. Nothing helped. I felt like all hope was gone.

When I started your program I was very skeptical but I sticked to it and I swear that I could see results within days. I would just wake up to see that some of the spots on my face are gone. I was getting increasingly better every day. It was a very exciting time..."


Emily Hannigan, Dubbo, Australia





"My ACE levels went from 92 to 34 in one month. My doctor was shocked."


You should see the look on my doctor's face when I went for the test and told him that I got this book of the internet that was talking about why Chinese don't get sarcoidosis.

Okay, I was feeling much better and that could be just in my head, but I wanted to test my ACE levels that were sky high before I started your program. The results were amazing. Thank you for coming into my life."


Jamie Dermond, Raleigh, N.C.



"Your program saved me from kidney transplant."


The living hell of sarcoidosis lasted for over 4 years for me. I was able to control the sarcoidosis in my lungs, but my kidneys were progressively worse over that time span until mid last year when my doctor told me that I should be put on the list for kidney transplants. He explained that if my sarcoidosis progresses further I would probably need a kidney transplant by mid 2011.

I got your ebook in September last year. I started following your program and I could feel the change right away. Actually, in a couple of months my doctor told me that almost all my kidney tests were fine. He could not hide his surprise. I am so thankful for all the help and all the hard work..."


Julia Durmond, Mesa, Arizona



"Reversed my sarcoidosis and allowed me to live a full life again."


I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis 5 years ago. They first feared it was lymphoma but soon realized that I was suffering from advanced sarcoidosis.

The worst aspect of the disease is not knowing what's coming next. During the 5 years, the disease took 40% of my lung capacity and affected over 80% of my lungs.

Even when I got your book I thought it was another things I'll try and fail. Those who suffer know that feeling that there is no hope, that feeling that you can't imagine getting better.


Well, the first time I woke up and told myself , "hey, I feel really good, I can breathe" changed it all. I started believing that my life was not over and that there is hope. Today, 3 month later, I am a new person, my lung capacity is back to over 90% and my granulomas are almost completely dissolved..."


Gema Brown, Dubbo, Australia



There's no room for mistake here.



I have tested and re-tested my methods for almost 3 decades now in thousands of cases. They worked practically every time.


And here is the best part...


I have purchased resale right to a number of titles that will bring the best of Chinese lifestyle and diet to your computer and I have the right to give them away COMPLETELY FREE!






Bonus ebook 1:


100 Succulent Chinese Recipes (by Sun Zhao)



This is an ebook of my friend Sun Zhao that is aimed at de-mystifying Chinese cuisine.


Most people from the West love Chinese cuisine but have this false impression that it's complicated and that the only way to experience is ordering takeout or going to a restaurant.


Well, when you get this ebook you will realize that you can make and enjoy Chinese food at your own home. The recipes are choose to be simple and fast. Most of them are what you would typically find in a Chinese takeout menu.


My friend Sun Zhao sells this ebook on his website for $ 22 and since I bought resell rights, when you get my ebook you get this ebook for FREE.


It will change the way you see Chinese cuisine. You will love it !!








Bonus ebook 2:


#1 Chinese Weight Loss Secret(by Sun Zhao)




Have you ever seen any obese Chinese people?


No. The metabolism of chinese people is much faster and does not allow accumulation of fat. And it's not because of what they eat. They eat a lot of rice which is a simple carb and can cause even more weight gain than white bread.


But this does not happen. This ebook reveals what is the one secret that makes this possible. What boosts the metabolism of Chinese people and how you can use it to boost your own metabolism, loose the fat and never gain weight again.


Retail price of this ebook is $15, but you get it for FREE.


It is the best kept secret of the weight loss industry.








Bonus ebook 3:


Feng Shui: Attract Wealth and Live Free(by Sun Zhao)







Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that explains how to channel the energies in your home to reach an optimal environment for a wealthy and healthy living.


In his style, Sun Zhao brings Feng Shui closer to the Western man by cutting through the clutter of confusing information and getting to that essence you can use tomorrow.


When you read about the theory behind it all, it will all be much clearer. I predict that within weeks you will pay much more attention to the energy level of your home as you start to feel the change.


And if you are skeptic, just remember that everything is energy. You, me and everything around us.


Mr Sun Zhao sells this ebook for $20, but I bought the reseller rights and you will get it FREE.








Bonus ebook 4:


Chinese Herbs: The Modern Counteractant






Perception of Chinese medicine in the West tends to be that it is obscure and based on mystical talk about energies and similar things. But in the end it all comes down to similar things and is very concrete.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is known for it's famous herbs and their amazing healing ability. That is why I have included this collection of herbal remedies for pretty much anything that can happen to you and your family in terms of diseases.


It will be the source of health for the years to come.


It is otherwise sold for $45 but I can provide it to you here for FREE, since I have purchased the reseller rights.



So, if you get the "Chinese Secrets of Sarcoidosis Healing" now, you will get the $ Bonuses completely FREE.


The whole package is priced at $29 which is really the lowest I could go with the retailer fees and the advertising cost needed to get people who need this ebook to this page in the first place. I am being completely honest here.



Click bellow to get your copy now for only $29:


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Please note that I plan to retire and when I do I will have to withdraw this offer from the internet because I will no longer be able to provide personal email support. You might be among the last people to see this offer.


Just take a second here and think about whether you can really afford to miss out on this offer. The cost of your condition and related things are higher on daily basis and you know this is true.


But, just to show that this is truly an honest offer I have decided to offer a FULL UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


That's right - I am so convinced that my methods will work for you that if they don't or you think this program is not for you can get your money back - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Previous feedback from customers is my primary reason that I am able to offer this kind of a deal. People are so ecstatic that they finally know the causes of their problems and are provided with a real way to fix them. Every time.


money back


And if you are wondering about the process of refunding, allow me to put your mind at ease and explain that the systemic setup in such a way that YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE REFUND !


This means:




You do not have to email me and explain anything. I don't authorize the refund, you do. I have no control over it, you do.


No need to go to your bank or make phone calls, you just need to click a link that is provided in an email after you process your order.



So you see, if for whatever reason you feel that you are not satisfied with your purchase you will get your money back, no questions asked.


So, don't hesitate of procrastinate and start the road to your health right now:



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The Bottom Line Is: You Will See Amazing Results And Relief, Or You Don't Pay A Dime.



I have invested the long years of work into this ebook. So, this is basically the gist of my life's work and I explain in detail what I have discovered in my time. I strongly believe and records and statistics confirm my findings beyond any doubt that I have discovered what is it about the Western life that causes sarcoidosis.


All my reputation is in stake here and made sure that the information you receive is of the highest quality and that it will help you beat your worst problem and continue with your life like a normal dynamic and vibrant person.


Very sincerely yours,


Abe Hsieh,


Sarcoidosis and autoimmunity researcher, health consultant and author



P.S. Bear in mind that I plan to retire very soon and as I retire I will have to withdraw my ebook from the internet because I will not be able to offer email support to my customers. You might be seeing this offer now, but it might easily not be here next time you try it. So, whatever you do, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.


P.P.S. Don't forget this is an absolutely no risk purchase. If at any time of the 60 days you feel that you are not happy with the results, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.


Special Reminder: The Chinese Secrets To Sarcoidosis Healing is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.



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Please note that I plan to retire and when I do I will have to withdraw this offer from the internet because I will no longer be able to provide personal email support. You might be among the last people to see this offer.